• David

Advertising Week 2019

This past week was Advertising Week in NYC. The industry continues to coalesce around three big events each year: CES, Cannes and Advertising Week. Each one is quite different, and the thing I like about Advertising Week is that it attracts a different kind of attendee. There are fewer senior executives, less “top to tops” and more senior and mid-level managers on the front line with clients each and every day. These are the folks that are at the center of where the rubber meets the road and have the best handle on the realities of the business today. I enjoyed meeting some of them and genuinely felt a sense of optimism afterwards. Make no mistake, there were plenty of panel discussions around the challenges of the business. Many sessions that spoke about the migration of consumers to OTT and streaming services while the majority of the market still spends in linear television. With all of that said, there is no doubt that there are some very bright, energetic minds ready to write the rules for the next generation. With their energy, focus and optimism we will be in good hands.

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